May 1, 2012

waves today

The waves today behind the Happy Surfing Okinawa guest house are small onshore conditions. Our crew headed out to look around the island and found some fun waist to head high clean waves!! Happy surfing!!
                                              some fun clean lines today outside the tabbaco fields
                                              white sand beach paddle out
                                              loving my new Imagination board!! underwater shot!!
                                              reef below :)
                                              fun clean peaks!! :)
                                              Ryuji from Chanpuru surf  ripping !!
                                              some clean walls today!!
                                              some clean bowls!! :)

                                              Hiyato Maki takes to the air!!
                                              Hiro from Nami Noria bar in Yomitan
                                              late drop
                                              Beautuful coastline!!
                                              Trail to the beach
                                              Danny , Hiyato , Teru , and Ryuji
                                              Lunch time at the original taco rice 1984
                                              Love those tacos!! :)

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