May 30, 2012

The waves today behind the Happy Surfing Okinawa Guest House are none. Flat , clean conditions with strong offshore flow. We searched around to find some fun chest to head high wind swell to longboard on. Happy Surfing :)
                                         Sergio from Brazil out seaching for waves in Okinawa !!
                                         some fun rolling waves for longboarding!!
                                         set up for a fun surf!!
                                         Sergio saying hello to his relitives back home!!
                                         local bottom turn
                                         James on board with style!!
                                         Sergio soaking in Okinawa and ready for a take off!!
                                          James flying again!!
                                          Sergio below setting up a ride shot 1 of 4
                                     Sergio shot 2 of 4 leaning into a nice wave!!
                                         and showing a relaxed style for a long ride!!
                                         Sergio's 2nd time surfing in Okinawa!! Great job Serg!!

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