May 31, 2012

The waves today behind the Happy Surfing Okinawa Guest House are waist high wind chop. Strong onshore flow. Our crew went to look around the island and found some fun waist high ,clean longboard waves. Sergio on his 4th surf and Kumiko on her very first surf!!...Fun day and happy surfing!!  :)
                                          Kumiko and Sergio ready to surf!!
                                         Instructor / guide Danny and Kumiko
                                         Looking like a natural!! :)
                                         Sergio from Brazil gliding along in Okinawa!!
                                         Kumiko first time surfing!! Dekita!!
                                         Happy Surfer :)
                                         Sergio paddling into a set
                                         Nice left Serg!!
                                         Perfect longboard conditions today!!
                                         view from above
                                         a good road for surfing :)
                                         mixing in some skateboard for balance practice
                                         post surf lunch time!!

                                         Yummy Taco's!!

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