March 4, 2012

waves today!!

The waves today behind the Happy Surfing Okinawa Surf House are none. South winds making choppy conditions with minimal trace swell. We decided to go ride some small ones on the more exposed reefs and found some fun sets!! Great day for Kai (9) to get his charge on!!
                                                            a fun peak!!
                                                              Kai on a mission
                                                             beautiful warm sunny day!!
                                                 perfect rights!!
                                                perfect lefts!!
                                                    Kai learning about tubes!!
                                                   9 years old and loving some wall!!
                                               Great fun for the old guys!! haha!!
                                                   ganbatte Kai!!
                                              Big James finding the set of the session!! again.....
                                               Kai going deep
                                               Shun enjoying some fun ones!!
                                                           great day!!
                                               Instructor Danny getting oned
                                              all the way across :)
                                               and a great sunset from the house :)

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