March 6, 2012

SUP and surf fun!!

The waves today behind the Happy Surfing Okinawa Surf Camp are knee high and clean.  Really fun for first time surf or sup!!  Come see us when your ready to ride some waves in Okinawa !! :)
                                              We offer 15% military discount on lessons and boards!!
                                              Beautiful warm day and small , clean Kai's peak
                                              Mauie in the bay
                                              James on the 12' first time surfing board showing how easy it is!!
                                              pic1 of 4   Kai (9) dropping in on a 12" sup at "Kai's Peak"
                                          pic2 of 4    and riding it out clean!!
                                          pic3 of 4 all the way to the beach!!
                                         pic4 of 4 and putting the brakes on just before the sand!! Great ride Kai!!!
                                          Meg getting her long boarding on!!
                                         Kai's peak....spring is in...note the green seaweed!!
                                         Instructor Danny riding a wave!!

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