February 4, 2012

waves today!!

The waves today behind the Happy Surfing Okinawa Surf Camp are knee to waist high and clean. Great day for a paddle or check the exposed reefs for more size!! Pictures from a full day at Happy Surfing starting with  Sandy dog becoming mama with a bit of help from Kai!! Then some small fun tubes on the exposed reefs and back home cooking pizza's for some pizza and kids time!!
                                              shallow yes...hollow...yes

                                              yes...winter bowls!!
                                              just above the peak
                                              fun small bowls!!
                                              all down the line!!
                                              Kai helping Sandy with 3 healthy pups!!
                                              mixed batch
                                              Kids English pizza time!!
                                              Mauie demonstrates rolling a dough
                                              wood fired brick oven beach side pizza!!
                                              peaceful pizza rolling :)
                                              ready to go !!
                                              Ms. Hikaru and handmade dough :)

                                                          Love pizza!!
                                              hand tossed fun!!
                                              even for 1 and half years olds!! :)

                                              all in a day!! :)     See you in the water!! :)

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