February 27, 2012

waves tday!!

The waves tdoay behind the Happy Surfing Okinawa guest house are waist high plus and very clean conditions. We found a reef up the street chest to head and fun peaks!! Then...we eat Pizza!! :)
                                           Fun surf with crew today!!
                                           James san off the bottom!!
                                           Shota carving!!
                                           Fukushima's Yoshimitsu Yamada ripping in Okinawa!!

                                          Okinawa has some beautiful hard reefs!!
                                           roll em yourself pizza time!!
                                                    Soumi kun proud of his creation!!
                                                    Into the wood fired brick oven!!
                                                     time to cut!!
                                                     roll and topping fun!!
                                          Nari san and family
                                                  Daiki San and Akira San
                                                     Kids desert pizza
                                          learning the art of chopping wood!!
                                                     fun desert pizza!!
                                                     Haruna is hungry!!

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