June 4, 2023

Happy Surfing Okinawa Guest House / Surf School / Surf Guide / Stand Up Paddle board / Snorkel / Daily Wave Report SW typhoon swell 2.02  mtr. NW winds making clean conditions. Typhoon Swell is fast rising though we can always find safe small waves spots for surfing school.

If you're  visiting ,we have surf school / guide most everyday near Yomitan Village Okinawa or travel to where the waves are best for the day. Learn from a professional surfer who can guide you in and out of the ocean safely. Tides and waves change quickly and it's best to learn the ropes from an experienced local guide who can get you in and out safely in the best waves for the day. 

Okinawa Surf Guide Okinawa Surf School  Okinawa Guest House  Okinawa Stand Up Paddle Board Okinawa Snorkel

Surfing lessons/ guide gift certificates available

we are located on the best learn to surf beach in Okinawa with advanced waves as well at your door step!!  We drive to get the best surfing school waves on island when its not right at our door step..... ;) 

****NEXT SESSION TOMORROW 9AM call 09019438654****

Mainland Japan short trip level up surfing one on one. 

fun day with a mix of waves to challenge!!

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