July 22, 2020

Happy Surfing Okinawa guest house / surf school / surf guide / stand up paddle board / snorkel camp daily wave report. SE swell with light winds making a great day for Okinawa surfing school. Near perfect long board conditions!! What a beautiful day! What happy surfing is all about!!
   縄サーフガイド 沖縄サーフィンスクール
沖縄ゲストハウス 沖縄スタンドアップパドルボード 沖縄シュノーケ
                                           up with the sun to see a nice sunrise!!
                                         one day flower of the dragon fruit bloom and bees at the guest house
                                         perfectly time not too early for the high tide
                                          The kids were excited to say the least!!

                                          Lets go surf Okinawa beautiful waves!!

                                          These kids were amazing to work with!!

                                          a short stop to a favorite look out post surfing

                                           and a favorite ramen lunch spot!! Great day!!

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