August 12, 2019

Okinawa daily wave blog from around the Happy Surfing Okinawa guest house / surfing school / surf guide / stand up paddle board / snorkel camp. Small east typhoon swell hitting deep in a by fun for long board surfing!!
縄サーフガイド 沖縄サーフィンスクール
沖縄ゲストハウス 沖縄スタンドアップパドルボード 沖縄シュノーケリング
                   cannot get it all...woke up a bit late and checked a favorite slab as the tide dropped
                 only to find it firing for a couple hr window before it became too shallow.

                                          Lets go surf!!

                                          cute smiles in the line up!! :)

                                         style surfing 100%

                                   being pregnant wont stop this girl from catching waves!! :)


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