July 15, 2019

Happy Surfing Okinawa guest house / surfing school / surf guide / stand up paddle board / snorkel tours daily wave blog. A fun day of surfing for an early am high tide and a late afternoon high tide. Small great waves for Okinawa surfing school. Small and clean in the evening :)
縄サーフガイド 沖縄サーフィンスクール
沖縄ゲストハウス 沖縄スタンドアップパドルボード 沖縄シュノーケリング
                                     we have the best beginner beach in Okinawa for surfing lessons
                                      just out back of the guest house.

                                          a look at an outer reef almost calling my name ;)

 But lets go long board some easy fun long rides

                                         Evening glass off on the inside school reef :)


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