April 18, 2018

Okinawa daily wave blog from around the Happy Surfing Okinawa Guest House Surf / Sup / Snorkel Camp. Waves today are waist high plus and mostly choppy conditions. Most exposed reefs with a little left over wave but messy. We gave it a miss today to play in the garden and snorkel for shell fish...yum yum!                                        沖縄サーフガイド サーフィンスクール
沖縄ゲストハウス 沖縄スタンドアップパドルボード 沖縄シュノーケリング

                                          Beautiful spring day and more flowers :)
                                          We suggest google maps but we have a few signs too ;)

                                          Large ray cruising the beach this am

                                          Extra low tide!! Lets pick shell fish!!

                                          Our snorkel tour is beautiful and delicious :)

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