August 29, 2017

Okinawa daily wave report. Happy Surfing Okinawa Surf / Sup / Snorkel Camp. Waves today are tiny clean trace swell from the north along the west coast. Nice day for snorkel or stand up paddle board flat clean water. We opted for a down day to get things ready for the next few days.クール 沖縄サーフガイド
沖縄ゲストハウス 沖縄スタンドアップパドルボード 沖縄シュノーケリング

                                         Beautiful day with not much surf on the west coast

                                          Lets take a drive and visit the veggie market :)
                                          and a stop at our favorite Okinawa soba shop

                                          flower power in Okinawa :)

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