April 23, 2017

Okinawa daily wave report. Happy Surfing Okinawa Guest House Surf / Sup / Snorkel Camp. Waves today at most exposed reefs were well over head and chunky. Looked pretty good for a couple hrs early am but we opted for the afternoon at more protected long board reefs. Lots of fun clean waves at the softer spots but wind became more onshore at the exposed reefs so no short boarding. Okinawa surfing school :)
                                          exposed outer reefs producing this am...no one on it!!

                                          long board spots looking super fun!!

                                          Local boy Aoi getting his first rides on my long board :)

                        Love to see the smiles of people feeling the glide of surfing!! :)
                      Pretty sure he was stoked as he waved to his other local friend.

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