July 7, 2012

The waves today behind the Happy Surfing Okinawa guest house / surf and sup camp are small sw wind chop. Wind waves will be ridable for long boards today. However we chose to flat water sup again today :)
                                       small wind waves....Lets go flatwater sup!! :)
                                       in search of the best paddle conditions..
                                       Michael fist time SUP challange!!
                                       with ease from the ocean
                                       under the bend in the river!! nice first time control!!
                                       and relaxing in Okainawa nature :)
     beautiful pink hana (flower) :)                                 

fun mangrove river sup  (stand up paddle board )

                                       into deep Okinawa nature :)
                                       by 10am Michael is lookng like a pro!! Great job Michael!!

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