July 9, 2012

nice SUP in the rain :)

The waves today behind the Happy Surfing Okinawa Guest House / Surf and SUP  are knee to waist high and clean. Nice for a surf!! Pm SUP guide after the rains :)

                                      clean rollers this the am! Fun am lesson :)
                                      Satoshi and Hiro enjoying some cooler cloud cover
                                      and glassy conditions for Hiro's first ever SUP
                                      caves along the way
                                      under world reef
                                      Into the blue :)
                                     brain head
                                      perfect reef wave
                                      ear coral ?
                                     park on a  private beach :)
                                       meet a hermit
                                       beautiful featurs from above the water
                                      and a smooth paddle home :)

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